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Speed and Power Podcast

Apr 27, 2022

In 1982, Javorek defected to the United States and in 1984 became an all-sports strength and conditioning assistant coach at Texas A&M University. He was the Weightlifting coach of Texas A&M Weightlifting Club, but his duties were soon extended to coaching the field events and conditioning for men's and women's Track,...

Apr 20, 2022

Angelo Gingerelli has been a strength and conditioning coach for two decades and has worked with youth, collegiate and professional athletes. Gingerelli’s background in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting combined with his academic pursuits provided him with a solid background to work with traditional power sport...

Apr 13, 2022

In this episode we cover a variety of topics including new strategies for developing acceleration, choosing squats or deadlifts, transitioning younger athletes to a barbell, and the pros and cons to using percentages for strength training. 

Apr 6, 2022

Sam Portland is one of the UK’s most experienced S&C coaches for elite level athletes. Along with being a top notch speed coach, Sam also helps strength coaches through his mentorship program. 

Checkout my Multidirectional Plyometric...