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Speed and Power Podcast

Mar 30, 2022

Matt Hank is the Head Sports Performance Coach at Santa Monica College. Over the past 19 years as a sports performance coach Matt has continued to evolve his training methods and challenge traditional views on speed and performance training.

Mar 23, 2022

Dave Lasnier is the owner of LaserFit Training and has worked with a variety of clients throughout his career ranging from weekend warriors to professional athletes. Dave approaches health and performance through a very holistic methodology, which has allowed him to get spectacular results with his clients. Dave’s...

Mar 16, 2022

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Teun Thomassen MSc. is an athletic development coach of the Dutch Olympic Committee, working at the national and Olympic Training Center in the Netherlands. During the past 10 years, Teun continued his education specializing in the field of movement analysis, injury...

Mar 9, 2022

Dr. Scott Dickenson, PT, DPT, ATC came on the show to discuss neck training in regards to pain, mobility, and performance. Scott is the inventor of the NecksLevel device, which is an all-in-one neck rehabilitation device. The NecksLevel is used by teams in the NFL, NHL, and NBA. 


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Mar 2, 2022

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Josh Henkin is the founder of DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training) and the Ultimate Sandbag Training. In addition to training athletes at the highest level Josh is also an international speaker and educator.