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Speed and Power Podcast

Jun 30, 2021

Chris Chamberlin is the Program Director for Weck Method. We wanted to get Chris on the show because he, along with David Weck, look at movement a little differently. Specifically in terms of how the body rotates and coils. 


Jun 22, 2021


Ryan Hopkins is the owner of Soho Strength Lab. Ryan is one of my favorite people to talk programming with. We talked about some really cool methods of how Ryan is using power and strength training to improve game speed. 


Jun 16, 2021

Luka Svilar is an author and physical performance specialist. Currently Luka is the Head of Physical Performance and Sport Rehabilitation for the basketball club UNICS in Kazan, Russia. Luka’s book is Essentials of Physical Performance in Elite Basketball. 

To purchase Luka’s...

Jun 9, 2021

Our guest today is Justin Roethlinshoefer. He’s worked as a performance director in the NHL & NCAA, and runs a private camp for professional hockey players. Justin takes the latest research on nutrition, training, and recovery, and packages it into digestible, applicable steps...

Jun 2, 2021


Vince Lucente is the owner and director of Atlantic Sports Performance which has two locations in Nova Scotia. Vince’s specialty is in applied sports science and analytics. Vince believes in creating solutions-driven, collaborative systems with physical, mental, and nutritional...