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Speed and Power Podcast

Apr 27, 2021


Michael Drach is the owner and coach of Michael Drach Training in Chicago. Michael’s trained Northwestern football for 8 years in speed and agility development. He’s also trained over 100 NFL Draft hopefuls and numerous professional athletes in a variety of sports as well...

Apr 20, 2021


Yoeri currently works as a Performance Trainer at AFC AJAX. He has experience training a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, weight lifting and martial arts. Yoeri is a young strength coach with a really well thought out process for training his athletes. 

Apr 12, 2021


Lee Taft, known to most simply as “The Speed Guy”, is highly respected as one of the top athletic movement specialists in the world. He has spent much of this time teaching his multi-directional speed methods to top performance coaches and fitness professionals all over the world....

Apr 6, 2021


Kevin Foster founded and runs the @javelin.anatomy instagram page, challenging the status quo of athletic development in throwing sport athletes. He is a former division 1 javelin thrower who is currently training as a post collegiate athlete trying to break through to the...